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Or email us at sales@grindingsource.com

We stock a large inventory of coated abrasive jumbo rolls from which to make your custom order.

  • Wide belts for wood and metalworking
    • *up to 63" wide
  • Portable belts for stock removal and weld blending
    • *as small as 1/8" wide
  • Intermediate sized belts for back stand, platen, stroke sanding, edge sanding and profile sanding
  • Non-woven surface conditioning for polishing and finishing operations in belt and disc forms
  • Cloth PSA Disc products 1/2" diameter to 36" diameter for both wood and metal applications
  • Resin fiber discs in aluminum oxide, zirconia alumina and ceramic alumina grains. Paper stearate PSA disc rolls for finishing wood and metal
  • Roll products in custom sizes, cloth and paper resin bonded
    • *any width up to 63" for honing, floor sanding and general purpose shop use

We also stock a selection of general purpose coated and bonded abrasive products, including flap wheels, sheets, type 1 resin bonded wheels


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Houston, Texas 77003


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